National Cable Show In Boston

I just recently attended the National Cable Show in Boston and it was a successful show for me. I had not been there in some years and felt it was important for UBC-TV to be there this year. In addition, our distribution alliance Comcast was there and the Comcast origination center head wanted to meet with me and Krys over dinner.

It was my first time in Boston and I have wondered why it was!  It is very close to NYC. I really like the place despite the rain for and overcast weather we had most of the time. The last day is when the sun came out and I got a chance to see the city; very beautiful!  Really great seafood!

Overall Comcast had the most new toys to show. They are doing some really good things combining technology with television which is engaging the viewers. They are not waiting and that is a good idea and a good business move. Unfortunately, a lot of the cable carriers are still behind in their evolution of combining technology with their products and services.  Viewers are choosing to go to other distributors where they feel they have more flexibility and more options. The cable carriers and a lot of the cable networks need to really wake up as the 21 century is here to stay and if they do not innovate they are going to be left out with no subscribers or hardly any. The industry is moving a light speed and the old models for doing business in the past are falling away and the ones that get it will be here to stay and one that don’t will not be around.

The cable show also gave me a testing of the waters for what UBC-TV is about to offer and I feel really good about what direction we are headed. The test is the consumer and we will always work to give viewers what they want to see on television and on any platform we can distribute to.

Have a good one!

Peggy D


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