UBC-TV Network News

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are well. we here at UBC-TV have been so busy so sorry for the lack of information, that is about to change as we begin our national promos and initial rollout of our network.

Our UBC MIX Dance Show media event went extremely well. Its seems people are ready for the evolution of American Bandstand and Soul Train and so are we! We will  be holding auditions soon for the UBC MIX Dance Show and then begin shooting the first episodes.

UBC-TV Network has a Facebook page and you can go and LIKE us at UBCTV Networks so that you can be up to date with all of the happenings. UBC-TV is also on Twitter @UBCTVNETWORKS

UBC-TV is about to make its announcement of the national broadcast schedule of the ABA games this fall sometime this week so stay tuned for that. We are very excited about our new political current events show hosted by Felipe Luciano and veteran in the broadcast news world.

Stay tuned for more information and email us at info@ubctvnetwork or our blog if  you have any questions.



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