UBC-TV Radio interviews at the 2014 NY International Auto Show


April 17,2014                                                                                                                                    By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore

Each year news outlets from all around the world convene at the Jacob Javits Center for two days to get all the news they can consume as it relates to cars, concept cars, e-cars, power cars, luxury cars, the list goes on.

This year UBC-TV CEO and Founder, Peggy Dodson decided to bring the stories to radio as well. As UBC-TV preprares for it’s multi-media/multi-platform launch this Fall 2014 they saught out the stories that would appeal to the multi-culutral market. Specifically those individuals that live the “urban lifestyle.”  With that said next week look for interviews from Maserati, Bently, Mitsubishi, Ford and some special interest stories on the website’s  new radio station.

“We want to reach our audience everywhere they live.  Although most phones have television those in the office can’t watch tv while working.  However they can listen to the radio.  Entertainment has branched out to a marketplace of anytime/anywhere.  UBC’s focus is going to be just that; news, sports and entertainment anytime and anywhere for anyone who either wants to know about or lives the ‘urban lifestyle’.” quotes Peggy Dodson.

WIth that said this year my mission at the auto show was to find those stories that were not only unique but appealing to our target market. The folks I like to affectionately call; “Urbaners.”  The first vehicle I found interesting was the Ford Transit Skyliner.  Look out Mercedes there is another luxury van flying within your radar.  Ford states; “The Transit Skyline embodies the spriit of luxury motor coaches and builds on the heritage of custom vans, showing how Ford Transit can be transformed to fit the needs of limousines and high-end transportation services as well as commercial fleets, shuttle providers and small business owners.” 

Ford Transit Skyliner.jpg

 They thought of almost everything with this luxury coach.  The inside can transform into four different settings for a vehicle.  First you can drop down the 52″ retractable Stewart movie screen, recline the seats and enjoy a movie while traveling to your destination.  Or you can reposition the movable custom-designed “throne” seats to gather around a motorized conference table.  When parked and entertaining  for tailgating as an example the sliding doors open four feet wide and the seating can be arranged for easy entertaining and drink serving from the built in bar.  However my favorite feature was the ambiance for traveling.  Imagine long trips with reclining seats and retractable footrests for ultimate comfort and solitude.  Combine that with LED mood lighting which is intergrated into a Crestron automation system controlled through a smartphone or tablet so you don’t have to move other than a swipe or a click.  Add the entertainment system which features Focal Utopia 7.2 surround sound with handmade speakers from France engineered specifically for Transit Skyline along with a KVH DIRECTV satellite for HD TV and a Kaleidescape media server with storage space equivalent to more than 300 Blue-ray movies or more than 1,000 DVD’s to complete the luxurious experience.  Suffice it to say, Transit Sklyine coming to market this summer is a show “must see” because reading it, is not the same as feeling it.

Overall media day this year was much better than last year.  The calmness and poignancy of the presentations by all of the companies made media day enjoyable and a lot easier to speak with the engineers and designers.  

One of my favorite sections is the custom design cars. Of which there is a Night Fury Camaro (next to all the police cars) that if you are a car lover it too is a “must see.”  Customized by Steve & Bonnie Ray and airbrushed by Jay Griffin this car can only be described by one word; “AMAZING!”  (I am not showing the picture so that you will go to the lower level in the back and see this car and tell them UBC-TV sent you.)  What was amazing about this car was not only that they revamped the engine to have a torque of 478 but also the detailing.  They airbrushed the brake pads, hood, inside hood, and doors. They even airbrush an eyeball on the shift knob.  The leather seats made you want to sleep in them.  Comfort beyond compare.  I asked Steve why he customizes cars, he said;  “I remodel cars for fun.  This car is my 11th car and one of my favorite.  I actually drive this car.  It got hit a couple of times but why do it if you can’t have fun in it.  I’m showing the car today for the 9/11 Veterans of Long Island.  Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a kid stop in his tracks and want to sit in my car.  I let them.  One time I was at a show and saw this little kid about 7 years old and he looked completely bored until he saw my car.  He yelled to his parents; ‘Look a boogieman car!’  I let him sit in the car and then for the next 45 minutes his parents tried to get him out of the car. (He laughs) That is why I do this.  I let handicapable children drive the car as well.  It’s great to see them enjoy the ride.” Like the people who remodeled this Camaro they’re one of a kind.  GM thinks so as well.  This Night Fury Camaro is a two time winner, back to back at the GM Nationals for best in it’s class.

Some of the other “eye candy” was the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X

rubicon x 5-2014-wrangler-unlimited-interior-overhead

or  the Kia (yes, I said Kia) concept car GT4 Stinger

Kia-GT4-Stinger   gt4 inside

This year the focus seemed more on the efficiency of the cars including features to improve safe driving.  One of the most impressive examples is the 2015 Hyndai Genesis

2015-ford-mustang-50-year-limited-edition-2014-new-york-auto-show_100464205_l  .2015_genesis_sedan_vlp_safety_r2

This car has a suite of features designed to proactively keep you safe from multiple angles. Remember when cars didn’t have radar and cameras to help protect you? Now, the next level in integrated automotive safety has arrived. Complete with rear cross traffic alert, a rear view camera, automatic emergency braking for when your car is coming too close to another car regardless of speed, blind spot detection, lane departure warning and lane keep assistance makes this car one that can almost drive for you.

I think the only car in the show that I had to ask myself, “Why” was the “art piece” by artist Iona Flores.  Iona took a classic 1971 Ford Torino and did metal 3D printing on it to create this….


It was an example of the 3rd Industrial Revolution.  “The survey says……”

Walking around and listening to the many presentations, you began to see how long the car industry has been here in America. Dodge and Ford are celebrating its 100th anniversay. While Porsche talked about it’s first open-top car nicknamed the P1 that was built 116 years ago in 1898 by Ferninand Porsche when he was 22.  Then you have the VW bug who for many years was America’s favorite car thanks to Disney’s “Herbie the Love Bug” who is celebrating 65 years. Next in line was the  Ford Mustang.  They celebrated 50 years by having a Ford Mustang at the top of the Empire State Building on the 86th floor observatory.  However, the one company that caught me by surprise was the Mazada MX-5 Miata who celebrates 25 years.  I think what was impressive was not only the fact that so many other car companies have used the make and model of this car as as a prototype for their model to compete yet failed to put the MX-5 Miata out of business but that in celebration of this monumentous event they are only selling 100 cars in the United States.  In addition, as a sympbol of rememberance they are also giving you a Tourneau watch that has the same colors as the car complimentary to make their 25 year anniversary a time to remember.


The only other fashion statement that topped that was Bentley, who catering to the growing female car buyer created a Spring handbag collection that acurately matchs the color of your car.  

Bentley-Barnato-Imperial-Blue-exterior_1  Bentley-Barnato-Portland-interior_1  Bentley-Barnato-StJames-Red-exterior_1

This year there is a lot to see at the NY International Auto Show.  Don’t take our word for it come check it out all week at the Jacob Javits Center.

But… if you do miss it, be certain to listen to our radio broadcast of interviews from the 2014 NY Interantional Auto Show by going to our website http://www.ubctvnetwork.com next week.  While on that site enroll as a member of Club UBC so that you are one of the first to get notices of all the happenings at UBC-TV.   UBC-TV is the place to be!  It’s television for the new millenium.



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