2015 Fashion Week: NOLCHA the Off-Site that’s On!

By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore

With each Fashion Week more and more shows are happening off site than on site; making it difficult for today’s fashionistas to decide what show to attend. Outside of the obvious it is becoming even more challenging for new designers to receive the audience of celebrities and fashion trendsetters that will catapult their line to the status of “Next.”


Since its debut there has been one fashion showcase that has engraved their name in the calendar books of every fashionista, trendsetter, photographer, media outlet, buyer and stylist…  NOLCHA!

Nolcha’s Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion week was no disappointment of style, flare, panache and new names in the fashion industry that continues to postion them as New York’s leading fashion  showcase for independent fashion designers.

The week began with Nolcha’s private invite only dinner party.  Its a meet and greet with the sponsors and brands who are paticipating in the showcases for them to hob nob with the elite of NY’s Fashion Avenue and Fashion Internationals .

Nolcha Liquor Sponsors      Nolcha Celebrity VIP

The next day is my personal favorite; Nolcha Fashion Lounge.  This year the lounge was held at the wonderful Brazilian restaurant, Fogo de Chao on 53rd street.  As media outlets and VIP guests met with the numerous independent lines in attendance the elegant restaurant hosted the event with an open bar sponsored by Don Q Rum and J.R. Ewing Bourbon while serving light hors d’oeuvres. With too many lines to list all of them Nolcha had a few that stood out from the rest.  UBCTV’s urban shopping cart was filled with the following lines…

Designer Kenya Smith of Planet Zero Motorsports had both designs and models that stood out in the crowd.  Made from quiality leather and versatile flare anyone wearing his line will look so good anyone watching will forget about their bike.

Kenya Smith Designer Motorsports & Peggy  Nolcha Motorsports

Nolcha Motorsports2   Nolcha Motorsports 3

Next on the top five was Boston’s own Haute House Design Studio.  In business for five years they specialize in housing designs from all around the world.  In addition to stocking the designers product in their boutique and online store Haute House also prides themselves in assisting young designers and new talent on the business of design. “Its not enough for designers to be creative they also must learn how to be administrative to run a lucrative design business.” states owner Taneshia Camillo Sheffey.

Nolcha Haute House Design Studio   The_Haute_House_logo_black_medium

UBCTV specializes its focus on the multi-cultural urban lifestyle.  So when the female owners/designers spoke about their vision to create comfortable yet fashionable footwear for the urban male, UBC took front row seats.  Rich colors with soles that have enough traction to endure the concrete city streets are attributes that makes this shoe line stand out from the rest.

Nolcha Paul DrichNolcha Paul Drish2Nolcha Paul Drish 3Nolcha Paul Drish 4

Continuing the detailing of today’s urban male look was “Mr. Fabulous Style” himself Marlin Jones of Taylord Blu Men’s Clothing Brand. Taylord Blu is custom made yet individually inspired to redefine how men dress. The TaylordBlu brand has been built around meticulous aesthetics, quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.  More than a pocket square Taylord Blu’s presentation on design educates their consumer on the history of  the neck scarf.  Jones sums up his goal by saying, “My hope is to make a contribution to fashion just as Ralph Lauren has made to redefining the American style.” That he is….

Nolcha Taylord Blu    Nolcha Taylord Blu 3                          Nolcha Taylord Blue 2          Nolcha Taylord Blu2

Even though the last of the five we are highlighting were two jewerly lines they each were so unique that we couldn’t choose one.  The first is a mother and daughter jewelery line named; Eva Shaw Designs.  Headquartered in Soho this dynamic duo prides their line in using gold and gemstones to create a simply stated style of wonderfully understated bling.  The allure of their designs captures your eye without screaming for attention.

Nolcha Eva Shaw 2    Nolcha Eva Shaw

The second line is; Syd and Pia.  Based in Brooklyn the allure of this line was the designers understanding of body contour and making jewerly that accentuates those curves.  A former architect and Egyptian historian its evident to see that influence in their designs.  An interesting piece was this gold choker made from coyote penis….

Nolcha Syd & Pia

There were so many other designers that were amazing and reputable. The last one we want to mention at the lounge was a line that was designed to help you be beautiful from the inside out.  Created by a doctor, Vegan Therapy is a line that focuses on clean beauty  and its totally vegan.

Nolcha Vegan Therapy   Nolcha Vegan Therapy 2

The day ended with a gift bag with a one step system gel polish and nail dryer from SOLO  as well as hair spray from Indie Hair an incredible hair line that celebrates your individual look.  Salute to Kerry Bannigan, CEO and Co-Founder of Nolcha and Arthur for showcasing amazing independent designers over the past 6 years.  Continued success!

Nolcha Solo  Nolcha Founder & Sponsor

The last day of Nolcha are fashion shows that keeps the press pit packed and the shutters snapping away.  This year was no different.  Of the many designers who inspired you to go back into your closet to get rid of the drab to make way for their fab were…                              Ann Himsel, Haute Athletics and Katty Xiomara but the one who stole this year’s show was Danny Nguyen Couture.

Who will be next season’s independent sensation? Nolcha says… stay tuned! http://www.nolchafashionweek.com Until then maybe we can ask Gina Gotti’s famous pooch: Frankie.  He has a style all his own!  Til next season keep it urban with UBCTV…. a multi cultural media company/platform reporting the stories of today’s urban lifetsyle.

Nolcha Gina & Frankie   Nolcha Frankie

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