Media in Action was definitely the word for this year’s NAB in New York.  It is definitely a snapshot of what to expect in Las Vegas in 2017.  I  was so pleased about where NAB has taken the Content and Communications World expo.  This year was exceptional and one of the best media industry conferences I have attended this year.

There were informative panels and seminars that discussed  OTT, IPTV, mobile and advertising and other ways of monetization of content on each platform.

The show featured a VR Village which was filled with new companies positioning to be the next big company in Viritual Reality. There was also a drone pavilion where you could actually try them out.

One of my favorite new things  this year was a whole day on Live Streaming which discussed, the state of live streaming, how to grow audiences, analytics, opportunities for brands and marketers, distribution on multi-screen and live linear channels and monetization.   I know that live streaming will become a major opportunity for content creators and channels to use to bring in additional audiences and create more engagement with their brand. Speaking of brands; brands are jumping onto the live streaming band wagon to get more of their customers involved with their brands and in turn creating more sales and brand loyalty.

The show featured a panel on diversity which is so important. Women and People of Color are making major impacts in the industry on all levels. As we become a more diverse population it is vitally important that we become more inclusive or lose business and become non relevant.  Besides that; its the right thing to do. Maybe the industry is getting a heart? Time will tell.

The satellite and production areas of the event provided a great added feature. The vendors were awesome.  Cannon, Sony, JVC, Live U and some new players were in attendance.

I am very excited about the upcoming Vegas show in 2017 just because of the way New York took off.   I heard similar expressions among other attendees so I must give a thumbs up to NAB New York for a great show.

This year has proven that the landscape of media and technology is still in its beginnings but as always Content Is King and Queen!  You can have all of the technology in the world but if you have no way to get the content out to your consumers; the technology is moot.  Content plus technology and great



marketing equals audience which equals revenues!

If you are in the industry and want to stay ahead of the curve, go to to register for the show in 2017.

Stay tuned for more info on the industry happenings right here!


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