Enter… UBCTV’s Listening Room

By Amelia Ameliaismore Moore


Welcome to UBCTV‘s weekly music review. Each week to promote our new television show ;“The Listening Room”http://www.facebook.com/thelisteningroomtv/ ) UBCTV will be reviewing some of the hottest new talent in the marketplace. We will review some of the new releases as well and give you insight on what is about to hit your ears with a sonic boom!

Starting off is an industry veteran who needs no introduction. @missymisdemeanorelliot The last time we heard new music was about two years ago. Well Miss WTF came back with another one that once again fits the times. Her lyrical delivery combined with a trap beat twist gets you trapped in a musical trance wanting moore. (smile) With over 10 million views #MissyElliot featuring Lamb says loudly with her innovative original creativity that … “I’m Better” Check it out….

Next up is a new comer who is not legal and yet breaking all the rules for success within the business.  With  over 2 million views on Worldstar.com, Kese  will tell you in the words of his new single how he is having all this success; “Kese On Me” (The translation… its on me!)  Kese musical journey started when he was seven years old.  Fast forward 13 years and this 23 Music Group artist is planning to drop his new EP, : MFE (Music ForEver) April 15, 2017.  It starts with a click and hopefully ends with plaques, tours and checks… only time will tell and according to Kese he has forever.  Take a listen…

With out next featured artist we decided to switch it up with a little dance music.  One thing about this artist; music is a family affair! In April 2016, Beyonce quenched our thirst with Lemonade.  In September 2016, Solange gave us A Seat at the Table.  Now in 2017 Shanica Knowles in collaboration Adam Davenport will have everyone on the dance floor with My Return Address is You.  The Disney alum and latest rising star in the Knowles family has decided to do something different and enter the world of dance.  Shanica said:  “Music has always been a representation of expressing all things through the power of all sounds. As an artist, it’s always fun for me to create something new by dabbling into other genres. Dance music is something I’ve never tried before…I think that the message of this song will really uplift people in a way they haven’t felt in a long time, and just dance.”  It all starts with a click…  http://www.independentear.com/adam-davenport-my-return-address-is-you-feat-shanica-knowles










Our next artist has taken the path of less traveled with bigger checks.  Its the path of a songwriter.   His journey starts like all artist in the studio yet with every placement his fame occurs from the journey of his music instead of his voice/face/persona.  Jared KF Jones music discography reads like a who’s who in the world of television.  His placements include; ABC, “In My Dreams” (Hallmark Movie), CBS, “The Young and The Restless”, NBC, “Days of Our Lives” and “The Voice, BET, “The Game”, TLC, “The Sisterhood”, MTV, “Run’s House”, FOX, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, Bravo – “Married to Medicine”,  FYI – “Married at First Sight”, CW – “90210” as well as placements for NFL and NHL broadcasts.  So what is Jared’s next step?  He has decided to “Turn Up The World”  which is also the title for his new single.  Turn Up The World is an inspirational pop song that’s about the person who wakes up, realizes they have something unique and special to offer the world then gets up and share their best self everyday.  A message we should all heed.  So whether you are watching your favorite TV show, shopping at the mall, or reclining in your movie theater seat, keep your ears open, as you very well may hear the music and voice of Jared KF Jones.

After every dance workout there is a warm down record.  Well our next artist has the perfect chill out record and album for mental reflection infused with messages that can lead your thought process.  Camille Peruto although still taking the journey to fame is no novice.  Camille appeared on Season 14 of American Idol and has opened for Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band.  A Philadelphia based recording artist Camille Peruto creates her music with a melodious blend of pop, rock and folk sounds.  Her second release; “From the Sea to the  Sky” is filled with endless harmony and melancholy moods that relax, enlighten and allow you to reflect and relate to a world less complicated.  Although “Crooked Roads” is the single off the album one of my favorites on the album is song number 2, “Biscuit Moon”  This song has you take a walk and gaze at the beauty and in difference of the world of which we live.  So relax, relate and release by pressing play.




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