Listening Room knows what’s next… IGNITE URBAN

By Amelia Ameliaismore Moore

In 1999, the music industry was revolutionized by technology. Fast forward to 2017 and technology is about to do it again! The question is… has artists and the music industry learned from the past by deciding to get in front, leading the trend or will they continue to follow the trend playing catch up?

Ignite Urban is a platform that from the creative to end user (the music lover) it enables opportunity and interaction on every level within the music experience. It’s positioned as an artist competition however it is so much more.

For CREATIVES; IU has a patent pending technology called; Spin Score that enables artists to achieve an exact “snapshot” of their influence and interactivity within the market place. An analytical tool that for many costs good money but for artists on the Ignite Urban platform it’s FREE! The days of buying likes, comments and falsifying impact are ended by this patented technology. Instead it enables real talent an opportunity to be discovered and valued as in the organic days of music creation in real time. You as an artist finally have an opportunity to know whether or not your marketing strategies and social interaction are effective the moment you execute it. Gone are the days wondering if you have an impact?

For the CURATORS; (like Record Labels, Radio, Managers, PR firms, etc) who enable the artist opportunity to grow their market IU gives them an exact gauge on who to invest their resources in order to receive the ROI they calculate and need to meet their bottom line. In addition, Ignite Urban’s patent pending Spin Score awards curators the ability to view the actual advertising and commercial value an artist posses BEFORE they explode in the market In addition to this amazing tool as a curator you are able to generate new leads for clients. Artists within and outside the platform are able to peruse the curators to see who they can contact to assist them in the journey to success. Curators are probably the most useful tool of this platform outside of the Spin Score.

For the ADVERTISING AGENCIES & CORPORATIONS; who do artist tie-ins and sponsorships, IU’s Spin Score enables them to accurately assess the artists who are next in the market. This new technology eradicates the old method and standard practice for investing in “unproven artists.” By utilizing an artist’s Spin Score sponsors will reduce the amount of loss they currently experience due to artist who fall short of the eloquent pitches and false promises made by the their handlers. Instead, Corporations and Ad Agencies will utilize IU’s artist Spin Score to accurately access their influence within the market making Spin Score the new standard of validation for artist. In the very near future the Spin Score will be a mandated tool (like BDS is for radio) in real time to accurately assess the actual integration and influence of independent artist.

For the MUSIC LOVER/CONSUMER the end user of the music industry, Ignite Urban’s platform is an answer to the current issue of fluidity within music consumption. IU enables them to find new artist, share music and even have a voice in the decision of who is next. IU positions them as the connoisseur of music within their own right, on their own time and controlled by them. The integration of Facebook and Twitter with this platform makes Ignite Urban one stop shopping for any consumer or music lover. It will rapidly become the platform of choice due to its unending experiences. IU’s ability to make a consumer an authority within the music experience influencing the growth of their favorite artist awards them an experience that currently is non-existent within the market.

Which prompts the questions again…. has the music industry learned from the past and decide to get in front leading the trend or continue to follow the trend playing catch up?

The Listening Room prides itself on knowing what’s next.  What is hot and what is not.  Ignite Urban is one stop shopping of new talent and for talent development due to their direct connection to curators.  Don’t be surprised if UBCTV becomes a curator.  Who knows maybe also a strategic partner stay tuned to know moore. (Smile) Information is power and you have just been informed.  It’s said it takes a village to raise a child well Ignite Urban is the new platform that is creating a new experience and a village of music creators, curators and consumers in which each of them empower each other to enjoy music like never before all asking…. What’s your Spin Score?. For more information go to Register today! Or keep it here and we will always tell you what’s NEXT!

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  1. joel white says:

    This was a very good article with a ton of new information Wow

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