Johnnie Floss “Shuts It Down” May 10th

By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore

This month “The Listening Room” checks out new artist….

When it comes to hip hop who are the keepers of the culture? Who is learning from the founders of the old school and incorporating their lessons and lyrical prowess within their new style? Who are the emcees that focus on their lyrical punch lines and metaphors to create their own style while paying homage to the ones “reppin” the culture and art form before them?

The Brooklyn streets are buzzing about a new young artist that wants to take on the challenge to hold down his borough like the lyrical legends before him. The Brooklyn native and rapper Johnnie Floss is a testament to how your environment shapes you. A 2010 Underground Music Award recipient, Johnnie Floss credits his new school flow with an old school feel, to his father’s love for old school music.

At the age of 13, Johnnie had his first “stage” performance during his 6th-grade poetry class project, but his career officially took off only 7 years ago, when he started to record his original music.“I am a lyric driven artist that knows how to add universal commercial appeal to my music.” states Johnnie Floss.

His song titles say it all about this new artist that exudes energy with every performance commanding his audience to join his musical revolution. He’s an artist that, “Keeps It Rockin” leaving his audience “Yearning” for this “Brooklyn Boy” to make all who listen enjoy “The Season of Floss.” On May 10th this newcomer on the rise  will releases his new single with an intention to “Shut It Down” featuring Maino. It’s the pinnacle match up of old meets new passing the torch called hip hop to yet another generation of innovators and keepers of the culture.

For more information on Johnnie Floss go to his website; or watch his videos on his youtube channel Floss 247 because if you’re not flossing…why bother?

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