Laurent & Altieri Bags Style and Beauty

By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore

It is said that when you turn your passion into profit you have created your lifestyle and your life is fulfilled.  If you ask the founders of  Laurent & Altieri,  they will tell you that their company was created due to their passion.  One loved to learn everything about tannery and collected an array of handbag designs since a child.  While the other has a knowledge of the luxury market and taste for high end fashion.

What makes this story interesting is that neither partner had any experience in the handbag industry when they formed their business and new life for themselves. Genevieve Laurent is currently a pharmacist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  Michel Alteri a true force of nature is a French-Italian triple threat.  As an actor, singer and musician he performs in musical theater, film and television internationally. Together they found their company in 2016.   They launched their luxury line of handbags during a year when many luxury lines sales were lax.

Laurent & Altieri handbags are made of the highest quality, with a professional and trendy look perfect for every day use as well as evening affairs. Their handbags feature original styling from Florence, Italy, and have the appearance, elegance and style that have traditionally distinguished Italian leather makers from the rest of their competitions. However it was their ability to fill a void within the fashion industry by creating practical handbags for professional women that grew their popularity as the company to watch.  Maybe that is the reason why they have over ten thousand followers and likes within one year of their launch without major marketing like their competitors.

Whatever the reason all it takes is one look and the love affair with begin.  One touch and this line transforms any fashionista’s decision making from a maybe to must have; helping her create a style and beauty uniquely her own.  For more information on their line go to


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