The International Restaurant Show Sizzles!

The International Restaurant Show did not disappoint!!  The U.S. Pastry Competition, Rapid Fire Appetizer Challenge  and the Torch Award Presentation to Danny Meyer were  a few of the major highlights of the Conference and Expo.

This year there were an exceptional list of exhibitors. I loved the wine tasting area that featured New York brands that included foods. It was great to see how the State of New York is playing a major role in the wine industry; and now the packaged foods industry.

There is a big focus now on organic foods and no GMO type foods. Brands are becoming health. Its actually a lifestyle choice and the food industry has listened.

There was also a farm to table section and the education seminars that helps everyone in the food industry stay up on the trends.

It is a brand new world in the restaurant and food industry. I feel that the general public, especially millennials are making decisions that benefit health, wellness and lifestyle; which in turn has influenced the whole industry as with many other industries.

If you are interested in leaning more about the show and this fast paced ever changing industry; go to

More food and wine stuff coming up this summer and watch for our new show CITY VINES coming out on ROKU and Amazon Prime!!


The International Restaurant Show New York


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