“The Listening Room” Hears John Tanner

By: Amelia @ameliaismore Moore

Copyright by Steven Paul Whitsitt. Provided courtesy of Baroque Media | Music division.

When any artist decides to turn their passion into profit and enter the music business they learn quickly that the music industry is more the business of music than music itself. They learn that to “make it” within the music industry it’s more of a journey than a discovery. They learn that you are only as good as who knows how good you are. The challenge becomes what you want to be known for and how do you become known? Is it your music, your reputation, your creativity or all of the above?

This week “The Listening Room” discovers, John Tanner. He is a new talent who really isn’t that new. His reputation and his refreshing definition of “cool” is making him the new buzz name and the next artist to watch. He prides himself on his lyrical acrobatics and wordplay. When was the last time you had a new artist make you pay attention to his lyrics?   Here is a sample of a recent remake of his own song to show his growth… Swing – Single by John Tanner https://itun.es/us/YMGcjb

As mentioned earlier an artist is not discovered until he decides to take his/her musical journey. John Tanner’s journey started at 10 years old. Psychologically an age most young people make the decision to take control of their life and discover their own truth. He started writing as Rocky Montana. When he was 13 he formed a group with his friend Brandyn Hudson aka B.H. called; Top Prospects. They released their first mix tape, “Who Want What” via MySpace.com (remember them?) and they ranked; #1 mix tape in their city. For John Tanner his music was no longer a hobby it now became his profession. Not really making any money he learned that not everyone is willing to sacrifice life for art.  At 17 his musical journey continued with him as a solo artist forming a partnership with a videographer, Ron Vann Dam, Now cranking out videos John felt everything was in motion.  Next thing he knows he’s leaving Delaware State and moving down south. It’s 2011, he releases “Surprise Surprise” directed by Ron. Fast forward to 2013-2014 and his musical journey finds him in Full Sail with a manager working on his next project; “Good Morning Mr. Tanner.” Then his musical journey brings him to a  stop sign for him to regroup. No longer with his management John is home bound in Delaware. The result:“9 Below Zero” his first solo project. John’s journey has taught him that his heart is music.  It runs through his veins.  He has also learned that he is a songwriter who enjoys being an artist. When asked he will say: “I just want to be true to self and the culture of hip hop.”

Copyright by Steven Paul Whitsitt. Provided courtesy of Baroque Media | Music division.

Although” Good Morning Mr. Tanner “ was never released John Tanner is ready to drop another one. This time it’s an EP; “Better Late Than Never”  John defines this project as personal.  It’s his personal journey that he wants to share with the world. He wants his fans to meet John Tanner the person as well as continue to enjoy his music when he releases his next LP; “3:16”

When you listen you learn, right? Today, John Tanner’s musical journey continues with him working with top producers like I Gramm (Kanye, Rick Ross, Mike Posner, Etc) while showing the world his definition of cool. Don’t believe it? Take a listen for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/JohnTannerMusic/  It’s your host with the most giving you Moore than what you bargain for saying stay tuned for Moore as each week “The Listening Room” will bring new artist for you to check out. Make certain to follow us on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/thelisteningroomtv/  to be invited to a listening session.  Also follow the network on facebook and twitter @ubctvnetworks to stay on top of  our new developments on our original programming and launch date.  U B C – ing US!  PEACE!

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