CE Week 2018 Moving On Up…Town

By Ameliaismore

Anyone who loves gadgets, technology, inventions and innovations waits for two conferences every year.  The first happens in January in Sin City.  It’s truly a sin if you don’t attend CES each year in Las Vegas.  Yet the personal favorite for me is CE Week in New York City.

CE Week is the event when the consumer electronic industry unveils some of the most innovative inventions for buyers, media and enthusiasts to preview.  I enjoy selecting which companies and inventors that I think I  will see next year being sold and advertised to mainstream.  One that comes to mind is the Varidesk.  I remember telling our SheEO, Peggy Dodson; “This one is a hit!”  A couple of years ago no one at the show knew what it was and now it’s a household name.  Yes,  it’s CE WEEK proven!

This year won’t be any different or will it?  In cooperation with IFA, the world’s largest technology trade show, CE Week is now poised to become the premier platform for conducting business, securing press coverage, and generating buzz in the North American technology marketplace. This year instead of being at the Pavillion downtown in the Chelsea area of Manhattan;  CE Week is moving on up like the Jefferson’s but to the West Side.  This year CE WEEK will showcases their most innovative technology at the Jacob Javits Center.

In 2018, IFA and CE Week will debut a new, unique partnership of unprecedented global influence and infrastructure to advance relationships between buyers, sellers, and consumers. Partnering with getgeeked New York and ShowStoppers, CE Week provides exhibitors with all of the key audiences they need to engage with to be successful in the second half of 2018. Showstoppers’ global press relationships serve international media interest, and getgeeked New York will be bringing the hard-toreach tech enthusiasts to check out the newest products on the market.

The other factor that makes CE WEEK worth your time and investment are the panels and high level networking.  One of the panels I’m looking forward to attending are the 5K panel. (Yes, I said 5K) As a car enthusiast I can’t wait to hear what is going to be said about connected cars and the expectations of that technology in the near future.  I’m also looking forward to listening to Mr. Robert Anthony one of the top 200 Pinterest users in the world.  His Pinterest board, Paper PC Picks – Best in Tech, has 1.2 million followers. It will also be interesting to see how he grew his platform and if he is using Pinterest’s new picture technology.

Yet what I am most excited about this year is WOMEN IN CT.(Consumer Technology) Women in Consumer Technology’s exclusive sixth annual Forum, “EmPOWERed!” is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19.  The Forum serves up a full day of sessions, topics, workshops and keynote speakers that relate to career enhancement and empowerment for all corporate, small business, and entrepreneurial women pursuing a career in consumer technology.  Over the years I have had to pleasure to meet and speak with the Founder, Carol Campbell.  A five minute conversation with her and you understand why the forum is so impactful and spectacular.  Her passion for female empowerment and progression is heard in her humble yet passionate tone.  I can’t wait to take this year’s group picture.

As UBCTV Network begins to roll out it’s original content you will have front row seats to stories and events like these so get connected to the outlet of innovation and change.  Follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.  Be certain to always hashtag #ubctvnetwork.   Who knows, just like UBCTV your story might be NEXT!  For more information on CE WEEK and to register be certain to go to http://www.ceweekny.com.  For the Women In Technology Forum go to http://www.womeninconsumertechnology.org.  And… to always know what is next go to http://www.ubctvnetwork.com and subscribe!

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