Summer Beauty Picks and Tips…

Beauty Press Spotlight Pic

By Ameliaismore

As summer season begins less becomes more a necessity than a style. Women begin to search for products that will help accentuate less to make them feel better when they have to show more.

BeautyPress a world renown international PR  network helps beauty bloggers and magazine editors stay on top of what is hot, new and next in the business of beauty. Although access to information is half the challenge to being a beauty editor, knowing what will be a trend is the still the skill set of the trained eye and experienced editor. For the past four years UBCTV has been giving our readers the new and next.  Of the many products showcased at the BeautyPress Spotlight event here are our top five suggestions:

First is the not so new but very popular Pilaten Pink Collagen Crystal Lip Mask Membrane Moisturizing.  As the sun gets hotter the lips get drier.  If you look at Youtube video reviews on this product a lot of vloggers state that this product will plump your lips.  Although due to it moisturizing your lips that effect may happen, its not the main purpose of this product.  Pilaten is primarily to reduce lip wrinkles, fade lip color, make your skin smooth and firm with increased skin resistance while resisting the external environment infringement.  I don’t know about you but the constant application of lip balm is not  in the summer.  We tried the product and found that it did leave your lips feeling smoother however not as plump nor with any real noticeable difference in wrinkles around your lips.  If you don’t mind leaving something over your mouth for 15-20 minutes it does leave your lips feeling smoother and softer.  We rate this product …kissable!

Pilaten Pic

Next pick was a summer necessity…. between sandals, bathing suits, pictures at barbecues and pool parties grooming in the summer is very necessary.  No one wants to have the memorable yet un-memorable picture for all to comment on unwanted hair.  Andmetrics figured out a way to remove unwanted hair with out the messy wax or the expensive salon trips.  Designed for men and women they have created a home grooming technique of waxing without the hot mess. Their line is ready made cold wax strips that remove hair from your lips, brows, toes and ears.  (Yes,  I said ears.)  No longer do you need to wait for someone else to do your brows.  The strips are curved to create a flawless arch. We tried the product and found that its great for maintaining a clean look.  Yet if you were using it to remove a lot of hair you will find that you will need to use more product strips than desired.  This product will save your wallet, time and trips to the salon you might find that once a month you will still need  to get that  wax or tweezers.  Now as for the toes and ears this is the easiest way to maintain that metro-sexual look without the cost.  It’s easy and relatively painless both for the pocket and the person.  However don’t take our word try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

andmetrics earandmetrics toeandmetrics lipAndmetrics brow

The next product I loved for more reasons than one.  No only is this a woman owned business but their company mission is to help hardworking people be more comfortable with less pain.   Linda Gillette Parodi, a beauty industry professional and hairstylist with 20+ years’ experience in the field knows the pain and suffering caused by overworked hands and feet.  Linda originally developed Parodi products to bring comfort and relief to her colleagues in the demanding salon industry.  Today, Linda is dedicated to helping all hard-working people feel good every day, all day long. Yet what makes this product our pick is when taken to the test it passed with flying colors.  Their nourishing foot cream and smoothing exfoliant help preserve one of the most important parts of your body; your feet.  With over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet that connect to every vital part of your internal organs.  Although for many,their feet are overlooked, this product helps you understand the importance of taking care of your feet due to the relaxing and soothing feeling you receive as your feet finally breath from these nourishing products.  However the product that was most impressive was their comforting muscle lotion.  As someone that is one their feet mostly all day once I applied the lotion with its roll-on applicator I felt relief of the tension in my muscles.  The heaviness felt a little lighter. For anyone who is on their feet all day this is your secret weapon.


The next two had more to do with looking beautiful than feeling beautiful like our previous products.  The first from Los Angeles reflects the glitz and glimmer of the city of Stars.  JCats Beauty is a full product line that focuses on makeup products that make you look like a star.  Their products are high quality with affordable pricing.  They are known for their bold an vibrant color palates.  Although recently  their Gloden Soliel Baked Bronzer has kept them popular with beauty bloggers.  This year they added products that pop such as their 3D-licious holographics lip cream and eye topper or their Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse.  Yet it just might be the You Glow Girl baked highlighter or the  Aura Glow liquid highlighter that will be the summer favorite.  Either way JCats is quickly becoming the cat’s meow.

j cat brand review

The last but not least of the top five picks is a familiar brand not only because of it’s innovative products but also its empowering business model that turn Moms into millionaires.  Another women owned business Joni Rogers started SenseGence in 1999 and exploded into the marketplace  with the launch of her patented LipSense  color technology quickly taking the title as the creator of the original long lasting lip color.  The three step process enables your lips to maintain its color for over 18 hours.  First you apply the the color then the moisturizing gloss and then when it comes time to take it all off you apply the  Ooops Remover.   This is the perfect product for the pool party or the beach day.  Your lips stay colorful and cute without the constant hassle of application.  With an array of colors to many to mention you can apply a color to match every bathing suit.



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