UBCTV Says Farewell To A Dear Friend

By Ameliaismore

It is with saddened hearts and unfulfilled dreams for a beautiful friend and spirit that UBCTV says farewell to Faith Hope Consolo. A true member of the UBC family, Faith was one of the many beautiful people who are part of the inspiration, continuation and success of our new definition of television.

Co-Host of the City Vines show, Faith was and still is a strong progressive voice that shouted UBCTV from the top of any and every mountain she climbed. Faith was a true woman nurturer. Within five minutes of meeting her (where ever and whomever met her) she would want to know what were your goals in life. Her inquisition was not only fun to watch but also very inspiring. After your five minute interview she would then go into what we termed at UBCTV as; “Faith Mode”

“Faith Mode” was the essence of Faith. Her giving ways, her understanding of people and business and most important her gift of vision will be missed. She was someone who could see the present and future with clarity for any and all people she cared for and would use that vision unconditionally to help you fulfill your goals, desires and aspirations of life.

One of Faith’s favorite sayings was; “You can have everything in life, just not all at the same time.” It was sayings like that and her precise jewels of wisdom that made you listen with full attention. (Sometimes taking notes) Sufficed to say, she will be missed by so many of us here at UBCTV.

An Ohio native (Ohio Stand Up!) Faith was a New York City, Madison Avenue woman. Yes! The “Queen of Retail” who would always say: Just Have Faith! My joke with her was; “You gotta have Faith!” An amazing woman, who whenever she walked in a room you would hear a buzz; some acknowledging her in the room, others saying; “Faith is here” and even others asking; “who is she”. All acknowledging that by her posture and poise you knew she was someone doing something. Yet Faith was never the one who would tell you her resume (unless necessary) even though her client list included luxury brands like: Versace, Jimmy Choo and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few. She was always more interested in who you were as a person then business. One of her biggest projects was the renovation and revitalization of Times Square.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate Chairman, CEO of The Retail Group, Faith Hope Consolo died unexpectedly on Dec. 23 as a result of a heart attack..  Anyone involved in NYC Real Estate knew her name. One of my favorite blogs was her fashion and retail monthly. Consolo co-founded the SBS Group of Worldwide Fashion Brokers, an international network of luxury retail brokers. She was a CREW Network board member and a chairman emeritus of the New York chapter. She was also a member of the board of directors of the New York/Northeast Council of FIABCI International Real Estate Federation.   Bisnow wrote about a company memo written by Douglas Elliman New York City Chairman and CEO, Steve James he wrote: “Many of her clients were long-term ones. They believed in her to get the job done! And she did! She was a high-voltage character but deep down … a heart that loved.”  In that same interview last year before being honored as one of New York City’s Power Women.” Bisnow gave everyone an opportunity to see Faith’s commitment to closing deals.  She told Bisnow:

          “We are in the most challenging times that I have seen in my career,                   but I am not afraid to face those challenges…that just further                                motivates me to stay on top of the changing needs of this industry and              the desires of my clients.”

Although we no longer have this amazing woman to talk with and share memories and good times as well as great counsel, her spirit still lives in each and every one of us!!! For all of you that feel a deep hole in your heart…. Be still, hear her voice and smile knowing that she is at peace.

Faith Hope Consolo… thank you for teaching us to; “Just Have Faith!”


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