Design Your Life With Women In CT

By: Amelia @ameliaismore  Moore

As someone who attends numerous conferences especially those that are geared towards women empowerment, there is one I wait for every year.  Established in 2009, Women in CT is a forum/conference that not only informs but rejuvenates you as a professional and a woman.

women in CT Group

For the past four years I have been attending this wonderful convening of women in consumer technology, media, pr, sales, etc.  All professionals, these women convene with one purpose; to grow a sisterhood within a male dominated industry.  Not to male bash but rather to understand the dynamic of what it means to be a woman in a male dominated industry.  As someone who is far too familiar and completely understands the challenges of that positioning, I attend because every year it is a room full of like minded women.

Spearheaded by our herculean Carol Chambers, Women in CT is not just a forum it’s an experience.  A redefinition of who we are as women in business as well as a barometer to help women understand as a woman in business you are not alone.

women in ct gail sheely

This year’s forum focused on how to design your life.  We heard how to focus on the importance of a balanced life between business and personal.  Our day began with New York Times bestseller author, journalist and public speaker; Gail Sheely.  She began her presentation by asking the women in the room to choose one word that would best describe them.  My word was brave.  Congruent with her newest book; “Daring” Gail explained that learning and listening are the two most powerful things you can do to be successful.  She challenged all of us to; “Dare to lead like a woman.”  She went on to explain that when she fears she dares herself.  Her life example was when she decided that she wanted to write stories that were not “women stories.”  She dared to pitch a story and got the job.  That dare led her to interviewing Bobby Kennedy. “BE DARING!”

Known for her philosophy of passages of life she told the women that it’s important to incorporate the 4 P’s in their journey of life.  They are: Passion, Priorities, Purse Strings and lastly to understand the Power of the Tribe.   She went on to say that as women we are tribal.  Therefore we should value collaboration.  Establishing teams at times can be challenging.  She went on to explain that if you listen to your team participants they feel included. Yet to maintain motivation and initiative it’s equally important to recognize the unique contribution each member of the team contributes to the whole.  However one of the most poignant things she said was; “No dominate power gives up power and dominance unless it’s forced on them.”  Many times as women play our position instead of taking charge. We follow even though we know we can lead and do the job.  Dare to lead like a woman!

women in CT Sam horn

Up next is a woman who from the first day I heard her speak about “football hands” I knew she had so much to offer to others.  Just like EF Hutton when she talks you should listen.  Sam Horn  (Ideapreneur) is someone over the years who has dared to do, dream, create and conquer.  Those very actions have given her a wealth of knowledge that she freely shares with all the Women in CT every time she speaks.  This year our Women in CT favorite and reoccurring guest speaker spoke about an ideal she created in 2010.  SerenDestiny is not something passive that is out of our control.  She explained that you don’t have to sit and wait for it to happen.  Instead she told us to snap the rubber bands of routine. She gave us 8 ideals or steps to help facilitate it.  First was Catalyst:  If you don’t do something different things will stay the same.  She went on to say that we all need contrast.  She advised us to disrupt our defaults.  Are you an aircraft carrier that takes 4 miles with the engine in reverse to stop or 10 miles to make a turn?  If yes, then it’s time to disrupt your category.  The next ideal was to remind yourself that it’s not selfish to do the one thing that puts the light bulbs on in your eyes.  She challenged us to ask; while doing service to other are we doing service to ourselves? She reminded us any strength taken to an extreme is our default.  Four was put yourself in your own story.  This being one of my defaults my take away was if it doesn’t involve you then it’s not your business.  Meaning that the only business you are doing is other people’s business.  Not yours!  So how do you expect to grow when you are planting your seeds in someone else’s garden?  Be clear it’s not your garden. It’s your seed but their garden.  Right?  The next one spoke directly to me.  The fifth ideal was a directive to build in space to think and leave room for whims.  Far too many times we as professionals plan every day of our life.  Yet if we leave open time we leave ourselves open to experience something unexpected and new.  She went on to say; “When we plan our life we don’t partner with our life.”  It’s the difference between living a planned life and experiencing a destined life.  Six was something I have committed myself to for over a year now.  It’s simple. Focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want in life.  Seven was keep our antenna up for entrepreneurial opportunities.  The last one number eight was; “Contrast is the key to having the best of all worlds.”  Understand that the words you use to describe yourself are the words that define you.  She concluded with a suggestion for us to learn to ride the river of relationships and the current of connections.  SerenDestiny!

women in ct gender

The next speaker Kendra Thomas spoke on a subject that is my life and basis of my new book.  For over ten years Barbara Annis has dedicated her life to a term she created called; “Gender Intelligence.”  Recently she partnered with Peason to create a digital platform that can help inform and teach the importance of understanding “Gender Intelligence. “  Kendra Thomas head of Global Diversity at Perason  made  it  clear that understanding the difference can and does enable companies /individuals to more effectively leverage the unique skills men and women bring to a culture while embedding in their organizations that great minds think alike.  It was scientific and very informative as well as reassuring that as women we can’t be the same as men because scientifically we are constructed differently.  Going back to Gail’s ideal; “ Dare to lead like a woman.”

There were so many more things we experienced in one day. The Fire Side chat was illuminating to observe a mother and her daughter have two different approaches to business.  Their differential was more due to the generation gap and the social practices of their generation rather than the action of conducting business.  Moderated by Andrea Smith, Karyn Schoenbart discussed how she likes written thank you notes while her daughter a millennial Danielle Sporkin felt snail mail is too slow and the immediate interaction of an email is just as effective.

women in ct fireside

The experience, amount of knowledge and effective networking you receive at Women in CT is far more valuable than the cost to attend.  Women in CT provides women in the Consumer Technology (and others industries) with a community in which to share essential resources and connect with others who are focused on the same vision of empowerment, building networks and supporting career opportunities.  Member benefits include a mentoring program, online resources, the Women in CT Connect Program, a monthly newsletter and live events.  What moore can you ask? Be certain to like  Women in CT on Facebook and join the movement of women empowerment.  It’s always a wonderful prelude to CE Week.  See you next year!

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UBC-TV CEO Peggy Dodson has formed an alliance with MONSTER ELECTRONICS to promote, review and market new MONSTER Products.  MONSTER is launching several new products just in time for the holidays.

CLARITY HD In Ear Headphones are a perfect product that is an alternative to the ‘crappy headphones’ that come with your cell phones. UBC-TV will be offering discounts to all of its viewers and subscribers for all MONSTER products.

UBC-TV will also be holding contests for MONSTER giveaways and offers for their new product line.

Go to and use MONSTERNATION to get a 20% discount on all products.Monster logo

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2015 Fashion Week: NOLCHA the Off-Site that’s On!

By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore

With each Fashion Week more and more shows are happening off site than on site; making it difficult for today’s fashionistas to decide what show to attend. Outside of the obvious it is becoming even more challenging for new designers to receive the audience of celebrities and fashion trendsetters that will catapult their line to the status of “Next.”


Since its debut there has been one fashion showcase that has engraved their name in the calendar books of every fashionista, trendsetter, photographer, media outlet, buyer and stylist…  NOLCHA!

Nolcha’s Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion week was no disappointment of style, flare, panache and new names in the fashion industry that continues to postion them as New York’s leading fashion  showcase for independent fashion designers.

The week began with Nolcha’s private invite only dinner party.  Its a meet and greet with the sponsors and brands who are paticipating in the showcases for them to hob nob with the elite of NY’s Fashion Avenue and Fashion Internationals .

Nolcha Liquor Sponsors      Nolcha Celebrity VIP

The next day is my personal favorite; Nolcha Fashion Lounge.  This year the lounge was held at the wonderful Brazilian restaurant, Fogo de Chao on 53rd street.  As media outlets and VIP guests met with the numerous independent lines in attendance the elegant restaurant hosted the event with an open bar sponsored by Don Q Rum and J.R. Ewing Bourbon while serving light hors d’oeuvres. With too many lines to list all of them Nolcha had a few that stood out from the rest.  UBCTV’s urban shopping cart was filled with the following lines…

Designer Kenya Smith of Planet Zero Motorsports had both designs and models that stood out in the crowd.  Made from quiality leather and versatile flare anyone wearing his line will look so good anyone watching will forget about their bike.

Kenya Smith Designer Motorsports & Peggy  Nolcha Motorsports

Nolcha Motorsports2   Nolcha Motorsports 3

Next on the top five was Boston’s own Haute House Design Studio.  In business for five years they specialize in housing designs from all around the world.  In addition to stocking the designers product in their boutique and online store Haute House also prides themselves in assisting young designers and new talent on the business of design. “Its not enough for designers to be creative they also must learn how to be administrative to run a lucrative design business.” states owner Taneshia Camillo Sheffey.

Nolcha Haute House Design Studio   The_Haute_House_logo_black_medium

UBCTV specializes its focus on the multi-cultural urban lifestyle.  So when the female owners/designers spoke about their vision to create comfortable yet fashionable footwear for the urban male, UBC took front row seats.  Rich colors with soles that have enough traction to endure the concrete city streets are attributes that makes this shoe line stand out from the rest.

Nolcha Paul DrichNolcha Paul Drish2Nolcha Paul Drish 3Nolcha Paul Drish 4

Continuing the detailing of today’s urban male look was “Mr. Fabulous Style” himself Marlin Jones of Taylord Blu Men’s Clothing Brand. Taylord Blu is custom made yet individually inspired to redefine how men dress. The TaylordBlu brand has been built around meticulous aesthetics, quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.  More than a pocket square Taylord Blu’s presentation on design educates their consumer on the history of  the neck scarf.  Jones sums up his goal by saying, “My hope is to make a contribution to fashion just as Ralph Lauren has made to redefining the American style.” That he is….

Nolcha Taylord Blu    Nolcha Taylord Blu 3                          Nolcha Taylord Blue 2          Nolcha Taylord Blu2

Even though the last of the five we are highlighting were two jewerly lines they each were so unique that we couldn’t choose one.  The first is a mother and daughter jewelery line named; Eva Shaw Designs.  Headquartered in Soho this dynamic duo prides their line in using gold and gemstones to create a simply stated style of wonderfully understated bling.  The allure of their designs captures your eye without screaming for attention.

Nolcha Eva Shaw 2    Nolcha Eva Shaw

The second line is; Syd and Pia.  Based in Brooklyn the allure of this line was the designers understanding of body contour and making jewerly that accentuates those curves.  A former architect and Egyptian historian its evident to see that influence in their designs.  An interesting piece was this gold choker made from coyote penis….

Nolcha Syd & Pia

There were so many other designers that were amazing and reputable. The last one we want to mention at the lounge was a line that was designed to help you be beautiful from the inside out.  Created by a doctor, Vegan Therapy is a line that focuses on clean beauty  and its totally vegan.

Nolcha Vegan Therapy   Nolcha Vegan Therapy 2

The day ended with a gift bag with a one step system gel polish and nail dryer from SOLO  as well as hair spray from Indie Hair an incredible hair line that celebrates your individual look.  Salute to Kerry Bannigan, CEO and Co-Founder of Nolcha and Arthur for showcasing amazing independent designers over the past 6 years.  Continued success!

Nolcha Solo  Nolcha Founder & Sponsor

The last day of Nolcha are fashion shows that keeps the press pit packed and the shutters snapping away.  This year was no different.  Of the many designers who inspired you to go back into your closet to get rid of the drab to make way for their fab were…                              Ann Himsel, Haute Athletics and Katty Xiomara but the one who stole this year’s show was Danny Nguyen Couture.

Who will be next season’s independent sensation? Nolcha says… stay tuned! Until then maybe we can ask Gina Gotti’s famous pooch: Frankie.  He has a style all his own!  Til next season keep it urban with UBCTV…. a multi cultural media company/platform reporting the stories of today’s urban lifetsyle.

Nolcha Gina & Frankie   Nolcha Frankie

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What Is Prestige To You?

Hello UBC Family!!  What is Prestige to you? We are preparing to deliver that to you! UBC is more than just a cable network, we are a total media company that is all about what creating family.



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Hey UBC-TV Family! We are about to move into another dimension!! Stay Tuned for the big announcements!


Ligths, Camera, ACTION!!

Ligths, Camera, ACTION!!

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UBCTV Empowers & Mentors @Ocktober Film Festival


The Ocktober Film & Technology Festival (OFF) 2014 honors pioneers from various genres of the entertainment industry, awarding them with a “Lifetime Achievement” Award in their respective areas.

Ocktoberfest           Harry Lennix

OFF is recognizing Harry Lennix for his Acting, Positive Image & Leadership in the community, Damon Dash for being an Entrepreneur & Production Pioneer, Tracey Moore for Cast Direction & Leadership and Ramona Saunders for being a Pioneer & Super Model.

 Damon dash  tracey-moore

Additionally, OFF acknowledges their consortium of panelists that are lending their knowledge and talents. The panel includes Entertainment Attorney, Traci Marquis, Distribution Consultant, Ron Workman, Network Owner, Peggy Dodson, Community Activist & Leader, Joseph “Jazz” Hayden, and Film and Television Producer, Michael C. Clark.

Peggy Dodson

OFF celebrates actors, film, television, documentary film, and music video creators,takes place in the landmark and eclectic, world-class Poet’s Den in Harlem, the independent film hub, restaurant, and lounge of the community. At OFF, attendees will: watch feature & short films, hear from filmmakers, listen to exclusive panels, engage with film enthusiasts and network with actors and financiers.

The OFF Gala celebration, launches opening night, Thursday, October 2nd at the Poet’s Den Gallery and Theater (309 East 108th Street) at 6 pm, and will include networking, guest speakers and the premiere of the music video competition.

Organizers estimate an anticipated crowd of 4,000 attendants throughout the festival and will include various VIP special guests.  Get your tickets before OFF is sold out.

For more information log onto:

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UBCTV Supports Tradition @ Harlem Summer Stage Kick-off

By Ameliaismore

It began as an event and over the years it has become a summer tradition. Harlem Summer Stage is the yearly event local residents dust off their chairs and mark on their calendars.


Yesterday, the summer kick-off event was action packed and eventful from the mid-afternoon into early evening.  The pace of the day never stopped until the end. The kick-off began at 3pm with activites for the family to enjoy. The kids jumped around in a bounce house and took train rides around the State Building while parents enjoyed the sounds from DJ Chuck Chillout and DJ Stormin Norman.

HSS HOSTS   HSS Kid Capri  HSS Bob Lee & Senator Perkins

The main stage was hosted by WBLS radio personalities DejaVu and Dr. Bob Lee.  Yet throughout the night the celebrities came through to show their support. Folks like comedian Capone, DJ Kid Capri, LuvBug Starski, Senator Bill Perkins and the list goes on.  You even had upcoming talents like poet Robin Baxter come thru to show support and love.   Young and old the vibe was peaceful and everyone was on one agenda; to have FUN!

  Bill witherspoon   HSS Evan Cole  HSS RASHEEDA

The main stage show was a lot of fun.  You had a fashion show by Bill Witherspoon.  Many of you know Mr. Witherspoon from “The Brownstone.”  Gotta love em!  Then you had live performances by new recording artist Evan Cole and his mentor/ CEO Rasheeda Wallace.  The two ripped the stage!  Evan’s new single; “Up and Away” does just that it takes you up and away from any unhappy feelings you may have felt before he started singing.  Signed to Clearstorm Media Group (Rasheeda’s label) Evan has been traveling and pushing his new single to audiences from every corner of the US.  Rasheeda on the other hand gave the audience time.  She spoke to them.  Saluted all the big girls in the audience and then ripped through vocal runs like the veteran she is as if they were easy breathing exercises.  Many in the audience who knew her songs sang with her and danced as well.  Her new single, “I Love it” featuring Chubb Rock made folks sing and review the song as if they were saying the title.  That was because they loved it.  The show ended with the “Best Line Dancers” instructed by choreographer Brooklyn Ed.  Every Wednesday in the State Building you can learn line dances for only $5 per person.  The class runs from 5 to 9;30pm.  What a perfect way to burn some calories.  If you are not in Harlem you can also dance with the Best Line Dancers in Brooklyn from 7 – 9:30 for only $10 per person.

Before the show began I got a chance to speak with April the event organizer.  Zealous and excited to be kicking off yet another year of Harlem Summer Stage, April showed how much this event is a labor of love.  She explained that Harlem Summer Stage is an opportunity to give back and yet at the same time pay forward.  It’s a yearly event that gives local talent and local entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect and support the community that supports them and their businesses.  She went on the say that the eight week festival will showcase a different theme each week.  The festival has rapidly become the place to be and will be again this year; every Thursday night between 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  It started yesterday July 10th and will continue until August 28th.

                                                HSS April

The weekly rosters are full.  Next week’s theme is Harlem Dancers and its filled with amazing dancers.  They have the Dance Theater of Harlem, Uptown Dance Academy, Full Force Dance Troupe, Millennium Dance Company and Universal Dance Movement all in one night.  After that July 24th its Soul Night.  Next week after that the theme is R&B Night.  Followed by African Night. Then on August 14th they switch it up and give you some Latin/Salsa Music.  Only to bring back the Harlem Renaissance the following week with Jazz music.  Of course they will end the festival giving thanks for another successful festival with Gospel Music.  Action packed and fun-filled Harlem Summer Stage 2014 will make memories to further bond and continue to build its community.

HSS Mateo  HSS Barbara Jones  HSS Robin Baxter

The evening was packed with friends, family, networking and news.  One bit of news I found interesting came from my good friend James “Cool Breeze” Grey.  Four years ago James founded the first ever in the United States, Father’s Parade.  Now in its fourth year being held this year on Saturday, July 26th the parade is going to be bigger than ever.  His partner David Hill and him explained how they have Monster Energy Drink as a sponsor.  The parade will start in the morning and end in St. Nicholas park where they will have food and entertainment for the afternoon. If you are interested and want moore information go to

                                       HSS Dave & Breeze

However the best news of the festival is even BIGGER!!!  This year the Harlem Summer Stage will be broadcasted on UBCTV.  YES!  You will be able to watch Harlem Summer Stage from the comfort of your couch or mobile phone.  Peggy Dodson CEO & Founder of UBCTV decided that it’s time to start being more visible in the community UBCTV will make its national headquarters.  “I am proud to live in Harlem.” exuberates Peggy “The streets of Harlem has tremendous history.  For UBCTV to be able to document some of the greatness of now for the generation of the future, its exciting.  I have always loved Summer Stage. Today to contribute and be a part of the festivities makes me love it even more.”

For more information on Harlem Summer Stage go to  Also be certain to support it by following and tweeting @eventsatACPSOB or like them on facebook @SummerStageinHarlem  Also remember to join Club UBC at to stay informed, advised and connected to what’s new and what’s next.  Getting moore than what you bargain for @ameliaismore   PEACE!

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