NBA, NY Knicks & Allan Houston Support Fatherhood with “Tickets Together” Program

By Ameliaismore

Over the years I have done a few programs with the NY Knicks.  I have brought children from the South Bronx to a NY Liberty game in Westchester.  I have worked with a TV show (Between The Lions) to have NBA Players come on the show and also do a reading program with RIF.(Reading is Fundamental) to encourage children to read.  Yet, it wasn’t until last Tuesday that I watched one of my students experience a program; “Tickets Together” that not only supports the sport and the family unit but also brings attention and opportunity to a serious issue within our community.  That being, quality time we spend with our fathers.

You can ask anyone and everyone agrees;  it takes a village nowadays to raise our children. In addition, the term “Social Responsibility” has become the new standard and a call for action with top rank businesses.   However it’s not often that you see a corporation do both.  Yet, such is the case with the New York Knicks and the Alan Houston Legacy Foundation and his new innovative clothing line FISLL.

Just to give you some context the FISLL project  (TFP)consists of several youth programs, workshops and live events. TFP combines the model of leadership teaching and restorative behavior science to cultivate and enhance healthy relationships between youth and adults, and leadership teams.  Houston explains how FISLL is more than a clothing brand. It represents five fundamental keys for winning in life — Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership and Legacy. “We take those five fundamentals of life to make the world and community better.”

“Ticket’s Together” is a beautiful collage of participants and partners who live and want to share their Knick’s basketball lifestyle.  The program gives fathers an opportunity to bond with their children experiencing a night of VIP treatment through events namely; Knick’s basketball games at Madison Square Garden.   The medley of various partners and participants to make the magic happen include; Knick’s Season ticket holders (who donate their tickets), the NY Knicks Corporate office (who grants permission for the recipients to have almost full reign of Madison Square Garden) the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation FISLL (who credits his legacy to the importance of family support) and an amazing host who is a dedicated representative for the NY Knicks,  Mr. Thabiti Boone among others to many to mention in this one article.

Last week, the Knicks dedicated their home game game to their fans and wanted to show their appreciation.  The “Ticket’s Together” team took that initiative one step further and honored the passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna by selecting a father/daughter team who bonds through basketball.  The names were taken for consideration and the Clarke Family won!  Allura and her dad Sabour won the tickets! Just that quick their night to remember became memorable just with the news that they were going.  Yet, they had no idea what was in store for them.

Their night started with them receiving a NY Knicks gift book bag with goodies such as; NY Knicks NY Forever t-shirt, an Allan Houston Legacy Foundation FISLL hat, wristbands and a couple more goodies too many to mention.  They learned quickly how their night of bonding would be completely different than any other they have shared when Allura was able to speak with Allan himself.  A moment Allura and her dad never expected.  That set the tone for the night!  After the gifts and call their next stop was the Delta Sky 360 VIP Lounge.  There the two got a chance to feast on anything and everything from steak, lobster and sushi to hot dogs and hamburgers and of course every child’s favorite; the candy station.  In the lounge you saw Allura’s father giving her tips on the veteran players she didn’t know but was in the same room with them.  They even got a chance to take a picture with John Wallace and Latrell Sprewell.  After the pre-game feast they were lead to their seats.  It was so close to the floor they could shout the players name and they would be heard.  A drastic difference from the balcony seats.  All week Allura kept asking if she will be able to get close to the players.  Not knowing what to expect I told her to be patient and see what happens. The next day after the game Allura spoke about her highlight of the night was being able to give some of the players a high five as they came on the court to warm up for the game.  To close the night, after the game they went on the court and took a picture to capture their moment and night of amazing festivities.  “Dad and I will never forget this night!” exclaimed Allura.   The night ended with her heading home with a smile from ear to ear,  thanking everyone for an amazing night and revisiting the night all over with her father conversing on which part of the night was the best!

I often tell my students that hard work pays.  Dedication to something will take you somewhere if you allow your work to speak for you.  Well Allura’s dedication to the game of basketball, playing with boys at the age of seven definitely paid off.  Her father who was also her coach then and still attends her games today agreed that “Ticket’s Together” not only brought them together to enjoy a night they will never forget but it also made the Clarke family understand the importance of paying forward.  If it were not for the village helping raise our children none of this would be possible.

There is a saying; “If they knew better they would do better.”  It’s my humble opinion that events and programs such as “Ticket’s Together”  let others understand the importance of family and bonding while also understanding and learning by example that there are others who care and wish the best for you.  Their dedication and commitment to being the change made and makes the difference.  Imagine if we all did the same.  To those that have given, Thank you!  For those who want to pay forward by giving back the Knicks welcome you to be the difference and make one at the same time.

It does take a village and I am so glad that my HCC (Harlem Commonwealth Council) PS 129 Afterschool student had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Thank you for all the hard work you do to make this happen for our youth. It’s actions like these that separates the sincere from the social.  Actions do speak louder than words. To the NY Knicks, Allan Houston and Thabiti Boone and all the people (too many to mention in this article) that make up the village and villagers who are the difference; we want you to know that your actions are seen as well as heard loud and clear. Continued success and may  the village of Knick’s and their season ticket holders continue to support your efforts.  KUDOS!

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UBCTV Style & Beauty Cafe Serves The Dish on FUBU Re-Launch

by Ameliaismore

For Us By Us… In times where clothing designers are attaching themselves to the heritage and culture of African Americans whether it be positive or negative (pending on your personal perspective) it’s great to see a line designed for us by us. Us being humans of color who know the experiences and challenges of being black, not only in America.  It is also a time in society  where people are being held accountable for their actions (#blacktwitter) and knowledge is obtained by either typing or talking to a computer for an answer.  This access to information has also brewed a black conscious community  who is very conscientious of their buying power and the need for the black community to buy black to be black.  Similar to the days of Rosewood and the Black Wall Street folks are seeking outlets that support their own.

With this in mind during the re-launch I reflected on of one of the most successful urban labels within the garment industry to date, that took the nation and world by storm  growing from a shoestring budget of $40 to a $6 Billion fashion empire.   I asked one of the owners, Daymond John if their launch during these times was intentional  to bring a movement like before that exemplified the essence of urban?  He humbly informed me that although their re-launch could not have happened at a more opportune time given the H&M, Burberry and Gucci fashion debacle their launch during these times was not intentional.  Instead, he stated that the re-launch was the culmination of two years of planning.  As I observed the familiar faces in the room their re-launch was about getting all the pieces and many of the original team from 1992 back for Round 2.  I must admit  by the look of the racks after the event was over FUBU has not only re-launched but the FUBU train has pulled out the station. Just like all the merchandise sold that day, FUBU is moving and I dare to say is positioned to possibly clear out the competition once again.  I know I bought  a shirt not only because the price point was on point (Long Sleeve Embroided Embellished Shirt $39.00) but also I felt a sense of pride that warmed my heart to see us doing it again!

Similar to the initial launch in 1992 FUBU had hats, hoodies, t-shirts and if you were media you received a FUBU branded phone strap to attach to your smart phone.  A simple indicator that FUBU will not and never has been just clothes.  Another founder, J. Alexander Martin stated so eloquently and succinctly why you wear FUBU; ”  The collections are made for people who don’t want to stand out but rather want to be seen.”As you looked around the room that is exactly what you saw.  The vibe in the room including the invited media, everyone had a posture of pride and elation.  Over and over again you could hear consumers state how happy they were that FUBU is back.  The capsule collection introduced 10 styles, based on classic pieces that redefined streetwear over 25 years ago.

Another founder;  who is also co-founder of FUBU RADIO, Keith Perrin states, “We were in 5,000 doors globally in the 90’s and today we are taking the E-commerce business model route and collaborating with strategic partners that are a natural fit.  When the idea came up about reemerging our brand, we felt Century 21’s downtown location was the best fit. ”  He continued by explaining  that when developing relations with a brick-and-mortar store you can’t ask for a better partner than Century 21 to reach an audience of diverse consumers.  The Century 21 capsule is the first debut of new product from the FUBU, “Can’t Resist A Classic” campaign.  “Century 21 is so excited to be a part  of this next chapter in the FUBU brand story.” states Century 21 CMO, Michael Wolkoff.  “It is our passion to bring our loyal shoppers access to the iconic brands they love and this capsule definitely fits the bill. We can’t wait for original fans of the brand to line up as well as the next generation of shoppers to discover it in our store.”

Line up they did.  At one point the line extended around the corner. What made this event event  special is everyone was able to meet the four founders:  J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, Carl Brown and Daymond John to take pictures with them.   Yes its true and evident by the amount of people that came out for the re-launch… “You Can’t Resist a Classic!”

For more information or to purchase the line while supplies last go to Next Century who has the line exclusively or log on to or


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UBCTV Says Farewell To A Dear Friend

By Ameliaismore

It is with saddened hearts and unfulfilled dreams for a beautiful friend and spirit that UBCTV says farewell to Faith Hope Consolo. A true member of the UBC family, Faith was one of the many beautiful people who are part of the inspiration, continuation and success of our new definition of television.

Co-Host of the City Vines show, Faith was and still is a strong progressive voice that shouted UBCTV from the top of any and every mountain she climbed. Faith was a true woman nurturer. Within five minutes of meeting her (where ever and whomever met her) she would want to know what were your goals in life. Her inquisition was not only fun to watch but also very inspiring. After your five minute interview she would then go into what we termed at UBCTV as; “Faith Mode”

“Faith Mode” was the essence of Faith. Her giving ways, her understanding of people and business and most important her gift of vision will be missed. She was someone who could see the present and future with clarity for any and all people she cared for and would use that vision unconditionally to help you fulfill your goals, desires and aspirations of life.

One of Faith’s favorite sayings was; “You can have everything in life, just not all at the same time.” It was sayings like that and her precise jewels of wisdom that made you listen with full attention. (Sometimes taking notes) Sufficed to say, she will be missed by so many of us here at UBCTV.

An Ohio native (Ohio Stand Up!) Faith was a New York City, Madison Avenue woman. Yes! The “Queen of Retail” who would always say: Just Have Faith! My joke with her was; “You gotta have Faith!” An amazing woman, who whenever she walked in a room you would hear a buzz; some acknowledging her in the room, others saying; “Faith is here” and even others asking; “who is she”. All acknowledging that by her posture and poise you knew she was someone doing something. Yet Faith was never the one who would tell you her resume (unless necessary) even though her client list included luxury brands like: Versace, Jimmy Choo and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few. She was always more interested in who you were as a person then business. One of her biggest projects was the renovation and revitalization of Times Square.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate Chairman, CEO of The Retail Group, Faith Hope Consolo died unexpectedly on Dec. 23 as a result of a heart attack..  Anyone involved in NYC Real Estate knew her name. One of my favorite blogs was her fashion and retail monthly. Consolo co-founded the SBS Group of Worldwide Fashion Brokers, an international network of luxury retail brokers. She was a CREW Network board member and a chairman emeritus of the New York chapter. She was also a member of the board of directors of the New York/Northeast Council of FIABCI International Real Estate Federation.   Bisnow wrote about a company memo written by Douglas Elliman New York City Chairman and CEO, Steve James he wrote: “Many of her clients were long-term ones. They believed in her to get the job done! And she did! She was a high-voltage character but deep down … a heart that loved.”  In that same interview last year before being honored as one of New York City’s Power Women.” Bisnow gave everyone an opportunity to see Faith’s commitment to closing deals.  She told Bisnow:

          “We are in the most challenging times that I have seen in my career,                   but I am not afraid to face those challenges…that just further                                motivates me to stay on top of the changing needs of this industry and              the desires of my clients.”

Although we no longer have this amazing woman to talk with and share memories and good times as well as great counsel, her spirit still lives in each and every one of us!!! For all of you that feel a deep hole in your heart…. Be still, hear her voice and smile knowing that she is at peace.

Faith Hope Consolo… thank you for teaching us to; “Just Have Faith!”


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Disney Cracks the Diversity Shell with “The Nutcracker & The Four Realms

By Ameliaismore

Ever since I was a little girl and danced as a Sugar Plum in first grade, the Nutcracker has always been a special story revisited each Christmas. season. The music, the characters, the story line and the fantasy of it all has kept generations captivated and loyal consumers at the Met each year.  So you could only image the amount of curiosity and the insurmountable questions I had in my head when I was invited to preview Disney’s; The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

I was asking myself what are the four realms? What role is Morgan Freeman playing? Although he is one of my most favorite actors of all time the last I recollect there weren’t any African Americans in the Nutcracker. Will they modernize the story so much that it losses it’s beauty and appeal? Will it compare and uphold the beauty of the season and the spirit of Christmas? Yes, my head and heart was spinning with anxiety until…

The first scene on the screen. The cinematography and set designs were so amazing you felt the holiday spirit and the era. Amazing! As the story continued you began to embrace the new story line and followed it forgetting the old classic yet enthralled with the newness of this beautiful story. The music score was same yet different. As your mind enjoyed the classic chord progressions and drama of the original ballet you quickly went from humming and enjoying a familiar melody to listening to the wonderful compilation of derivative work composed for this film. Not to mention Misty Copeland’s meticulous moves and how they were a dancing reflection of the intense attention to detail the production team from top to bottom put into this film.

Like the classic the more the story unfolded the more drawn in you became joining the journey of a little girl and her search for herself and the courage it takes to battle with yourself and your fears to find the meaning and purpose of love. As you watched Clara the more you forgot the reality of the actor and that this young character is being played by a 20 something year old actor. What was amazing about McKenzie Foy’s  performance was that she captured the innocence of a child and their need to understand. Their desire to comprehend the complexities of life and to rejoice with her when she learns that the answer lies within.

I don’t want to give the movie away however in these times what I liked best was the diversity of characters in this film  Never once did you feel race.  It wasn’t noted.  It was never spoken.  Instead each character drew you in with human characteristics of loyalty, love, courage, faith, integrity along with the negative human qualities of greed and the need for control.  With all the insurmountable negative images our youth are introduced to daily with every second of their day this film fills the glass that is half empty.

Yet for me what stole the show was the Nutcracker himself.  Jayden Fowora-Knight’s performance reflected the true spirit of the original Nutcracker just personified.  In the classic the Nutcracker  is her protector and source of strength and guidance.  In the film that happened as well.  Yet the connection between Clara and the Nutcracker was such a positive reflection of many times the lost societal quality of caring and understanding your purpose and position in life.  As Clara grew so did the Nutcracker showing the positive influence we each have towards and for each other when we seek the truth with courage and honesty of a child.

My review of this film is that is it a MUST SEE!  Bring your children and enjoy the discussion later on the qualities of Clara and every character in the story.  Enjoy the music, enjoy the cinematography, the costumes, the ballet dancing and if you stay til the very end like I did be certain to watch Lil Buck jookin to a classical like I have never seen before.  Disney and his interpretative dance to that classic song let us all know it’s ok to take the old and make it new.  KUDOS!


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American Son Reflects Today’s Myopic America

By Ameliaismore

It’s always compelling when art imitates life.  American Son  takes place in a Florida police station in the middle of the night; a mother searching for her missing teenage son. Kerry Washington and Steven Pasquale star in a gripping tale of two parents as an interracial couple caught in our national divide, with their worst fears hanging in the balance.

Debuting with previews this month and  opening night November 4th,  American Son is an American classic play that gives the audience in the Booth Theater a first person view of the journey and experiences four individuals encounter in one night they all will never forget.  Running until January 27th if you choose you have enough time to see it more than once.

UBCTV’s new show; Urban Access got an opportunity to interview the cast, director and screen writer on their take of what to expect when we come to experience American Son.   Our first interview was with Tony Award Winning director: Kenny Leon.  When I asked him what was the main reason why people should come to see American Son he replied: “Outside of a great story written by playwright Christopher Demos-Brown there are four main reasons that is going to make this play a success….Jeremy Jordan, Eugene Lee, Steven Pasquale and Kerry Washington. ”  He went on to explain his excitement to direct this play due to the subject matter and as a director his opportunity to insight dialogue and contemplation on a pressing social issue through art.

Next we spoke with the playwright Christopher Demos-Brown.  He explained that, “American Son” is a story that derived from the state of American life and dinner conversations.  He has had friends who have had to deal with the issues of parents portrayed in the play.  He further explained that this American classic is not only timely but also expressive in that the audience gets an opportunity to see different perspectives not just that of the main characters.  Already awarded the 2016 Laurents/Hatcher Award for Best New Play by an Emerging Playwright, American Son is prepped to make its mark in Broadway history.

One of the most fun interviews that day was with Eugene Lee.  Its always great to have an opportunity to speak with experience.  His posture and ease with the interview gave you insight on this seasoned veteran thespian.  He spoke about how talent and a good story makes for greatness.  He  expounded on how the more they rehearse the more the story and characters are coming alive. He went on to express his exuberance and how he  can’t wait until the final ingredient to a stellar performance… the audience.

The interview with Jeremy Jordan was like none other.  I guess due to his role/character Jeremy gave us more insight on the conflict and the struggle his character and anyone in his position goes through to find balance.  He went on to explain that this play is a must see because American Son touches you.  He eluded that if you have any sense of humanity this story line will leave with you when you leave the theater.  I can’t wait to see it.

Yet not because of who she is … nor the mere fact that I am a HUGE fan… Kerry Washington made you reflect on what it means to be black and a woman in American not to mention a mother.  She went on to explain that Kendra her character is a women we all know.  Her struggle is a daily struggle that the resolution to her dilemma is still unresolved.  During the interview she made it clear that theater is different that TV.  She explained that theater uses her whole body and there are no takes.  Translated to delivery it’s total immersion and concentration compounded with a rigorous schedule.  She went on to say that doing this play was a welcomed challenge.  Yet the highlight of the interview for me was when Kerry spoke about her being a Bronx born lady and the history that borough created as the birthplace of hip hop.  She explained that the hip hop pioneers showed by being resourceful and how utilizing that level of creativity inspired her and let her know as a creative it’s possible.

UBCTV is bringing this and so much more telling our stories as only WE can do it.  If you want to see the full interviews go to  Make certain to subscribe to our channel at   also follow us on facebook and twitter @ubctvnetwork so you can get discounts, invites and updates on what is going on to be a trendsetter like UBCTV!  U B C’ing US! So stay tuned 4 Moore!


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Summer Beauty Picks and Tips…

Beauty Press Spotlight Pic

By Ameliaismore

As summer season begins less becomes more a necessity than a style. Women begin to search for products that will help accentuate less to make them feel better when they have to show more.

BeautyPress a world renown international PR  network helps beauty bloggers and magazine editors stay on top of what is hot, new and next in the business of beauty. Although access to information is half the challenge to being a beauty editor, knowing what will be a trend is the still the skill set of the trained eye and experienced editor. For the past four years UBCTV has been giving our readers the new and next.  Of the many products showcased at the BeautyPress Spotlight event here are our top five suggestions:

First is the not so new but very popular Pilaten Pink Collagen Crystal Lip Mask Membrane Moisturizing.  As the sun gets hotter the lips get drier.  If you look at Youtube video reviews on this product a lot of vloggers state that this product will plump your lips.  Although due to it moisturizing your lips that effect may happen, its not the main purpose of this product.  Pilaten is primarily to reduce lip wrinkles, fade lip color, make your skin smooth and firm with increased skin resistance while resisting the external environment infringement.  I don’t know about you but the constant application of lip balm is not  in the summer.  We tried the product and found that it did leave your lips feeling smoother however not as plump nor with any real noticeable difference in wrinkles around your lips.  If you don’t mind leaving something over your mouth for 15-20 minutes it does leave your lips feeling smoother and softer.  We rate this product …kissable!

Pilaten Pic

Next pick was a summer necessity…. between sandals, bathing suits, pictures at barbecues and pool parties grooming in the summer is very necessary.  No one wants to have the memorable yet un-memorable picture for all to comment on unwanted hair.  Andmetrics figured out a way to remove unwanted hair with out the messy wax or the expensive salon trips.  Designed for men and women they have created a home grooming technique of waxing without the hot mess. Their line is ready made cold wax strips that remove hair from your lips, brows, toes and ears.  (Yes,  I said ears.)  No longer do you need to wait for someone else to do your brows.  The strips are curved to create a flawless arch. We tried the product and found that its great for maintaining a clean look.  Yet if you were using it to remove a lot of hair you will find that you will need to use more product strips than desired.  This product will save your wallet, time and trips to the salon you might find that once a month you will still need  to get that  wax or tweezers.  Now as for the toes and ears this is the easiest way to maintain that metro-sexual look without the cost.  It’s easy and relatively painless both for the pocket and the person.  However don’t take our word try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

andmetrics earandmetrics toeandmetrics lipAndmetrics brow

The next product I loved for more reasons than one.  No only is this a woman owned business but their company mission is to help hardworking people be more comfortable with less pain.   Linda Gillette Parodi, a beauty industry professional and hairstylist with 20+ years’ experience in the field knows the pain and suffering caused by overworked hands and feet.  Linda originally developed Parodi products to bring comfort and relief to her colleagues in the demanding salon industry.  Today, Linda is dedicated to helping all hard-working people feel good every day, all day long. Yet what makes this product our pick is when taken to the test it passed with flying colors.  Their nourishing foot cream and smoothing exfoliant help preserve one of the most important parts of your body; your feet.  With over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet that connect to every vital part of your internal organs.  Although for many,their feet are overlooked, this product helps you understand the importance of taking care of your feet due to the relaxing and soothing feeling you receive as your feet finally breath from these nourishing products.  However the product that was most impressive was their comforting muscle lotion.  As someone that is one their feet mostly all day once I applied the lotion with its roll-on applicator I felt relief of the tension in my muscles.  The heaviness felt a little lighter. For anyone who is on their feet all day this is your secret weapon.


The next two had more to do with looking beautiful than feeling beautiful like our previous products.  The first from Los Angeles reflects the glitz and glimmer of the city of Stars.  JCats Beauty is a full product line that focuses on makeup products that make you look like a star.  Their products are high quality with affordable pricing.  They are known for their bold an vibrant color palates.  Although recently  their Gloden Soliel Baked Bronzer has kept them popular with beauty bloggers.  This year they added products that pop such as their 3D-licious holographics lip cream and eye topper or their Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse.  Yet it just might be the You Glow Girl baked highlighter or the  Aura Glow liquid highlighter that will be the summer favorite.  Either way JCats is quickly becoming the cat’s meow.

j cat brand review

The last but not least of the top five picks is a familiar brand not only because of it’s innovative products but also its empowering business model that turn Moms into millionaires.  Another women owned business Joni Rogers started SenseGence in 1999 and exploded into the marketplace  with the launch of her patented LipSense  color technology quickly taking the title as the creator of the original long lasting lip color.  The three step process enables your lips to maintain its color for over 18 hours.  First you apply the the color then the moisturizing gloss and then when it comes time to take it all off you apply the  Ooops Remover.   This is the perfect product for the pool party or the beach day.  Your lips stay colorful and cute without the constant hassle of application.  With an array of colors to many to mention you can apply a color to match every bathing suit.



For more information on what’s new and not be certain to follow UBCTV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Also subscribe to our youtube channel and our website to get our newsletter and invites to our exciting events.  Go to  Also this Fall be certain to watch Style & Beauty Cafe.  Til next season or the next hot product remember; “Beauty begins within! What’s your decision and definition?”



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CE Week 2018 Moving On Up…Town

By Ameliaismore

Anyone who loves gadgets, technology, inventions and innovations waits for two conferences every year.  The first happens in January in Sin City.  It’s truly a sin if you don’t attend CES each year in Las Vegas.  Yet the personal favorite for me is CE Week in New York City.

CE Week is the event when the consumer electronic industry unveils some of the most innovative inventions for buyers, media and enthusiasts to preview.  I enjoy selecting which companies and inventors that I think I  will see next year being sold and advertised to mainstream.  One that comes to mind is the Varidesk.  I remember telling our SheEO, Peggy Dodson; “This one is a hit!”  A couple of years ago no one at the show knew what it was and now it’s a household name.  Yes,  it’s CE WEEK proven!

This year won’t be any different or will it?  In cooperation with IFA, the world’s largest technology trade show, CE Week is now poised to become the premier platform for conducting business, securing press coverage, and generating buzz in the North American technology marketplace. This year instead of being at the Pavillion downtown in the Chelsea area of Manhattan;  CE Week is moving on up like the Jefferson’s but to the West Side.  This year CE WEEK will showcases their most innovative technology at the Jacob Javits Center.

In 2018, IFA and CE Week will debut a new, unique partnership of unprecedented global influence and infrastructure to advance relationships between buyers, sellers, and consumers. Partnering with getgeeked New York and ShowStoppers, CE Week provides exhibitors with all of the key audiences they need to engage with to be successful in the second half of 2018. Showstoppers’ global press relationships serve international media interest, and getgeeked New York will be bringing the hard-toreach tech enthusiasts to check out the newest products on the market.

The other factor that makes CE WEEK worth your time and investment are the panels and high level networking.  One of the panels I’m looking forward to attending are the 5K panel. (Yes, I said 5K) As a car enthusiast I can’t wait to hear what is going to be said about connected cars and the expectations of that technology in the near future.  I’m also looking forward to listening to Mr. Robert Anthony one of the top 200 Pinterest users in the world.  His Pinterest board, Paper PC Picks – Best in Tech, has 1.2 million followers. It will also be interesting to see how he grew his platform and if he is using Pinterest’s new picture technology.

Yet what I am most excited about this year is WOMEN IN CT.(Consumer Technology) Women in Consumer Technology’s exclusive sixth annual Forum, “EmPOWERed!” is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19.  The Forum serves up a full day of sessions, topics, workshops and keynote speakers that relate to career enhancement and empowerment for all corporate, small business, and entrepreneurial women pursuing a career in consumer technology.  Over the years I have had to pleasure to meet and speak with the Founder, Carol Campbell.  A five minute conversation with her and you understand why the forum is so impactful and spectacular.  Her passion for female empowerment and progression is heard in her humble yet passionate tone.  I can’t wait to take this year’s group picture.

As UBCTV Network begins to roll out it’s original content you will have front row seats to stories and events like these so get connected to the outlet of innovation and change.  Follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.  Be certain to always hashtag #ubctvnetwork.   Who knows, just like UBCTV your story might be NEXT!  For more information on CE WEEK and to register be certain to go to  For the Women In Technology Forum go to  And… to always know what is next go to and subscribe!

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“Little Rock” Plays In the Big City Featuring Shanice Williams

By Ameliaismore

The date was September 3, 1957 when a group of nine black students who enrolled at (formerly all-white) Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, challenging the Brown v. Board of Education, landmark 1954 Supreme Court ruling that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional. On September 4, 1957, the first day of classes at Central High, Governor Orval Faubus called in the Arkansas National Guard to block the black students’ entry into the high school. Later that month, President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent in federal troops to escort the Little Rock Nine into the school.  History was made.

Fast forward to 2018, history calls it heroism. Yet, “The Little Rock Nine”still call it high school. The play, “Little Rock” tells the riveting true story of “The Little Rock Nine”, the first black students to attend their city’s formerly segregated Little Rock Central High School three years after the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision.  What began as their quest for a better education soon became a national crisis, igniting the passions of a divided country and sparking a historic fight for justice in the Jim Crow south. On the cusp of the Civil Rights movement, a changing world watched as these nine children from Arkansas battled for their rights, armed with only a notebook and pencil. At once harrowing and hopeful, “Little Rock” brings urgently to life the untold personal stories of challenge and resilience, conjuring memories of America not so long ago. From writer and director Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, this deeply moving play honors the bravery of these young heroes and asks audiences: “Would you have had the courage?”

“We find ourselves, 60 years after ‘The Crisis’ in Little Rock, still struggling as a nation with segregated schools, inadequate academic resources, systemic gaps in achievement and unsafe schools” shared Harvey Butler, producer. “The Little Rock Nine as teenagers were a catalyst that helped accelerate potential resolution of these issues in 1957-58. We hope this play will honor their contribution to American history and encourage a movement that recommits the nation to the pursuit of academic excellence for all — with deliberate policies and strategies that guarantee the right to a quality public education in an environment free of emotional, psychological and physical threat to our future leaders.”

The nine-member cast features: Rebekah Brockman (The Bridge of Spies), Justin Cunningham (The Winter’s Tale) Charlie Hudson III (A Raisin in the Sun), Peter O’Connor (The Flick), Ashley Robinson (A Clockwork Orange), Damian Jermaine Thompson (English Vinglish), Stephanie Umoh (Ragtime), Anita Welch (Avenue Q), and making her New York stage debut Shanice Williams (NBC’s “The Wiz Live”).

Yet that is not the only story being told with the debut of this captivating play. It’s also a story of resilience, persistence, growth and perseverance to tell a story that will hopefully ignite change even if it starts with perspective. “Little Rock” first received a developmental production as part of the 2011 New Works Festival at Theatre Works in Palo Alto, California. It’s history continued to receive a production in 2014 at Passage Theatre in Trenton, NJ where it won the 2015 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Ensemble. Today, Harvey Butler, Rebel Theatrical Management, LLC, the Steward Family in association with the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture present the New York premiere this summer.

Performances begin Friday, June 8, 2018 and continue for a limited run through September 8, 2018.  The opening night Thursday, June 14, 2018 plans to commemorate these brave students who are now formidable adults.   For more information go to


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“The Listening Room” Hears John Tanner

By: Amelia @ameliaismore Moore

Copyright by Steven Paul Whitsitt. Provided courtesy of Baroque Media | Music division.

When any artist decides to turn their passion into profit and enter the music business they learn quickly that the music industry is more the business of music than music itself. They learn that to “make it” within the music industry it’s more of a journey than a discovery. They learn that you are only as good as who knows how good you are. The challenge becomes what you want to be known for and how do you become known? Is it your music, your reputation, your creativity or all of the above?

This week “The Listening Room” discovers, John Tanner. He is a new talent who really isn’t that new. His reputation and his refreshing definition of “cool” is making him the new buzz name and the next artist to watch. He prides himself on his lyrical acrobatics and wordplay. When was the last time you had a new artist make you pay attention to his lyrics?   Here is a sample of a recent remake of his own song to show his growth… Swing – Single by John Tanner

As mentioned earlier an artist is not discovered until he decides to take his/her musical journey. John Tanner’s journey started at 10 years old. Psychologically an age most young people make the decision to take control of their life and discover their own truth. He started writing as Rocky Montana. When he was 13 he formed a group with his friend Brandyn Hudson aka B.H. called; Top Prospects. They released their first mix tape, “Who Want What” via (remember them?) and they ranked; #1 mix tape in their city. For John Tanner his music was no longer a hobby it now became his profession. Not really making any money he learned that not everyone is willing to sacrifice life for art.  At 17 his musical journey continued with him as a solo artist forming a partnership with a videographer, Ron Vann Dam, Now cranking out videos John felt everything was in motion.  Next thing he knows he’s leaving Delaware State and moving down south. It’s 2011, he releases “Surprise Surprise” directed by Ron. Fast forward to 2013-2014 and his musical journey finds him in Full Sail with a manager working on his next project; “Good Morning Mr. Tanner.” Then his musical journey brings him to a  stop sign for him to regroup. No longer with his management John is home bound in Delaware. The result:“9 Below Zero” his first solo project. John’s journey has taught him that his heart is music.  It runs through his veins.  He has also learned that he is a songwriter who enjoys being an artist. When asked he will say: “I just want to be true to self and the culture of hip hop.”

Copyright by Steven Paul Whitsitt. Provided courtesy of Baroque Media | Music division.

Although” Good Morning Mr. Tanner “ was never released John Tanner is ready to drop another one. This time it’s an EP; “Better Late Than Never”  John defines this project as personal.  It’s his personal journey that he wants to share with the world. He wants his fans to meet John Tanner the person as well as continue to enjoy his music when he releases his next LP; “3:16”

When you listen you learn, right? Today, John Tanner’s musical journey continues with him working with top producers like I Gramm (Kanye, Rick Ross, Mike Posner, Etc) while showing the world his definition of cool. Don’t believe it? Take a listen for yourself:  It’s your host with the most giving you Moore than what you bargain for saying stay tuned for Moore as each week “The Listening Room” will bring new artist for you to check out. Make certain to follow us on facebook  to be invited to a listening session.  Also follow the network on facebook and twitter @ubctvnetworks to stay on top of  our new developments on our original programming and launch date.  U B C – ing US!  PEACE!

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The International Restaurant Show Sizzles!

The International Restaurant Show did not disappoint!!  The U.S. Pastry Competition, Rapid Fire Appetizer Challenge  and the Torch Award Presentation to Danny Meyer were  a few of the major highlights of the Conference and Expo.

This year there were an exceptional list of exhibitors. I loved the wine tasting area that featured New York brands that included foods. It was great to see how the State of New York is playing a major role in the wine industry; and now the packaged foods industry.

There is a big focus now on organic foods and no GMO type foods. Brands are becoming health. Its actually a lifestyle choice and the food industry has listened.

There was also a farm to table section and the education seminars that helps everyone in the food industry stay up on the trends.

It is a brand new world in the restaurant and food industry. I feel that the general public, especially millennials are making decisions that benefit health, wellness and lifestyle; which in turn has influenced the whole industry as with many other industries.

If you are interested in leaning more about the show and this fast paced ever changing industry; go to

More food and wine stuff coming up this summer and watch for our new show CITY VINES coming out on ROKU and Amazon Prime!!


The International Restaurant Show New York


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